More often than not, spotting drainage problems becomes a problem, simply because the initial signs are not very evident. In this post, we will talk of the four signs that point towards a drainage problem, so that you know when to contact the best plumbers in Erie PA.

1. Gushing gutters – Drains must be cleaned from time to time, but despite the best efforts, dead leaves and debris can block the flow. You may find that water flow is blocked or the debris is depositing on the sides. In some cases, the paint on the exteriors can peel off. It is best to get the cleaning done, because such kind of drainage issue can actually lead to structural damage.

2. Water-stained or flooded basement – Easily one of the most common signs of drainage and plumbing issue is a flooded basement. Check for stains around the basement and make sure that you contact plumbing contractors Erie PA at the earliest for help.

3. Cracks in the foundation – As houses settle with time, foundation cracks may start to appear. If the cracks are too big, it can lead to a drainage issue. In many cases, rodents like rats dig out soil underneath the paved drain, cause it settle or break. Check for minimal cracks and get everything repaired in time.

4. Signs of mold – Mold is specifically found in moist areas, such as the basement and roof. In case of basement, it can be related to a drainage issue, often because the water isn’t draining as expected. Remodeling repairs can be really costly, so make sure that you call the experts to get things checked and repaired. Mold can also cause health problems, which shouldn’t be ignored.

Check online now to find the best Erie plumbing Company for your drainage problems, and before giving a nod, get an estimate for the job!

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